Final day

The last day at the Suzhou school was filled with mixed emotions. The excitement of a basketball tournament at lunchtime, the fun of exchanging small gifts and email addresses, the patience of making puzzles and the memories of the farewell ceremony. At the end of the day we bid goodbye to our new friends and left for the final time. As we were walking to dinner we saw a beautiful sunset which was a lovely way to finish what had been a very happy visit.

Last day1


7 thoughts on “Final day

  1. Hope you enjoyed making new friends and learning new skills. Onward to new adventures in Beijing and hopefully more beautiful sunsets.

  2. What an amazing week at the Suzhou school – new friends, great experiences and some new skills. Looking forward to your posts from Beijing.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and exciting experience from you in Beijing !

    The style of beijing will be different with that of suzhou. suzhou is in the southern part of china, the people and scenery there are describded as graceful and gentle due to the warm weather, like a daughter of a humble family:) . Beijing people ( and most people from northern part) and the scenery are described as generous,grand and magnificent, like a lady:)

    however the same things are there are lots of delicious snacks,food and specialties in both cities! the famous food in beijing are hotpot, pecking duck,sugar coated hawthorn fruit(sweet and sour)…. wangfujing street is famous for street food, not sure if you will visit there. Have fun!

  4. What a Lovely way to farewell the Children & Teachers at Suzhou, I am sure you have made many new friendships along the way.
    Love watching what you are up to Ivy, it look like so much fun.
    XO From Mum, Dad & Maddie.

  5. Have a wonderful time in Beijing, taking in the sights and the amazing culture and history..We hope you get some great pics from the Great Wall of China. Can’t wait to hear all the news xx

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