Leaves, Threads and Waterways – A Day Out in Suzhou

Collage Day 7

We left the hotel at a leisurely 10am and set out for a huge day of sightseeing. First stop was the Humble Administrator’s Garden, where we were slightly mobbed by VERY friendly Chinese tourists. We squeezed our way through the gardens and while they were beautiful, we all sighed with relief when we left because of the sheer number of people! Next stop was lunch, then the number one silk factory in Suzhou. The silk factory was fascinating and the tour guide, Cherry, showed us exactly how silk is made into fabric and quilts. We got to watch the whole process from tiny silkworm to finished product. From the silk factory, we had a slow walk through the Master of Nets garden, which was lovely and much less crowded than our experience in the morning. We then caught a city boat to Tiger Hill via Shantang Canal. Everyone loved the boat ride which took us through tiny canals and past traditional homes and shops. Our final stop before dinner was Tiger Hill, a spectacular place full of stories. Whew! What a day.

8 thoughts on “Leaves, Threads and Waterways – A Day Out in Suzhou

  1. Hi Dad,
    How was the silk factory? How do they make silk? The gardens look beautiful. How far are you going to walk on the Great Wall of China?
    We miss you so much.
    Tom and Lucy

  2. Wow, sounds like Suzhou is like a Chinese Venice!! Can’t wait to hear more about how silk fabrics are made. Sounds like a fascinating day …. and now onto your next exciting adventure!!!

  3. A lovely and fascinating experience that you will always cherish. Have a safe train journey to Beijing. And looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Beijing.

  4. WOW! It’s just go, go, go, isn’t it? Sounds like such an incredible day! Did anyone purchase any of the silk that was made on Silk Road? I would love to see it and learn more about the process. Can’t wait for the next update!

  5. Another very interesting day – can’t wait to hear more about it on your return. I’m sure you’ve all left Suzhou with fond memories. … time to make more in Beijing – how lucky you all are. Happy travels!

  6. You certainly manage to pack a lot into your days!
    How was your train ride today? How long did it take?
    Looking forward to your next update…

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