Speeding Our Way to Beijing


Today’s main challenge was getting on the fast train to Beijing. We lined up 10 minutes before the gates were open for checking tickets, but even so, by the time we got to our platform there was a huge queue to get on our carriage. Tentatively we waited for the train to arrive and then it was GO GO GO! We made it on with 30 seconds to spare and then had a leisurely 5 hours to enjoy the ride.  First impressions of Beijing are very positive; everyone loves the hotel and how modern all the buildings are. It does seem quite smoggy, but we can’t wait to see the Great Wall and Ming Tombs tomorrow. Not to mention the Summer Palace and, of course, the Peking duck dinner…it should be quite a day!

9 thoughts on “Speeding Our Way to Beijing

  1. Hope no one lost their ticket on the fast train this time! 🙂
    Enjoy the Great Wall. Take lots of photos. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Hi Dad,
    Did you have food on the train? Was the train bumpy or smooth? Could you see scenery outside the window or was it too fast? It sounds like fun.
    How many terracotta soldiers are there at the Ming Tombs? Have fun in Beijing.

  3. Did you feel like you were flying on the train? So many happy faces, it has been great to see. Have a wonderful time sightseeing in Beijing…..don’t forget, you will all be tourist attractions as well, so we hope you’re ready for celebrity status again!
    thanks for all the great updates missvmilne!

  4. I hope that you enjoyed the train ride and the change in landscape. The children at school will be so excited to hear about your adventures.

  5. Great to see all your smiling faces – looks as though you found some interesting way to keep yourselves entertained on your train journey! Looking forward to hearing of your Beijing adventures ..

  6. Sounds great so far and with the sight seeing ahead Beijing sounds like it will be awesome
    can’t wait for the photos and updates
    Hope you managed to pack everything back in the suitcase ok 😉

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