Walls, Tombs, Palaces and Peking Duck

Ouch! The Great Wall of China. So beautiful and so steep. Everyone had a bit of a struggle with the steep parts. It was pretty much vertical. Some people made it to the top, while others found it too much work. We all had a great time and loved learning all the interesting facts about it from Lee – by Ivy.

Great Wall1

Today in Beijing we explored the Ming Tombs. The Ming Tombs had several tombs where the different emperors were buried. We went to the Ding Tomb. Inside it was an incredible underground palace where the 13th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty was buried. The emperor’s song and the emperor’s son’s son were also buried there. It was a fascinating place to go to – by Ayushi.


Third stop today was the Summer Palace, where emperor’s stayed during the summer time. It was grand and we ran into our neighbours from Camberwell High School. It was great seeing Miss Shen again too. Everyone really loved the bridge that was full of lions.


The final stop was Peking duck – YUM! The chef showed us how to eat the pancakes the traditional way and then it was on. We had a real feast and it was a perfect way to end a great day.

9 thoughts on “Walls, Tombs, Palaces and Peking Duck

  1. Wow, Peking duck sounds good. Better than the Mallards we get back home Kate!
    Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time and we are all looking forward to hearing about it. Cheers

  2. What an amazing day full of immersion into some of the incredible history of China. What are the biggest differences and similarities that you have noticed between Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing?

  3. I’m tired just reading your post … bet you all had a good nights sleep! I wonder what interesting & historical facts you will learn today … have a great day.

  4. What a wonderful time everyone seems to be having! Asha, I hope all your Chinese language skills have been put to the test and that you have been helping others with interpreting. We can’t wait to see you Thursday and hear all your news!

  5. Wow! What a full day. Everyone must have slept really well after all that. Great to see all those lovely smiles.

    Grandad and Grandmère

  6. Ayushi, cannot wait for your back to tell me more about the trip and the history you learned about China, enjoy the next few days there!

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