What we have been grateful for…

As we are getting ready to board the plane home to Australia, our thoughts turn to those at home and we have been thinking about our trip and the many people and things that have made it wonderful. Here are some of those:

I am grateful for the tour guides because they have been amazing and gave us heaps of great information that you may not be able to find normally and they are also very friendly to us and kind. I’m also grateful for Mr Wells because he has been great to us all though the whole trip and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thankyou Mr Wells! By Kate.

I am grateful to have been able to visit and walk a bit of the Great Wall of China because it is one of China’s most famous land markings and is the only man made structure you can see from the moon. It wasn’t like what I expected, the steps were all really uneven and incredibly steep and not very easy to climb, but still lots of fun!!!  By Holly.

I am grateful for all the students at the Suzhou school because they were all really nice and always gave us gifts and tried to talk to us. At lunchtime we always played basketball with them and it was really fun. A student called Steven even brought a board game to play with us during lesson breaks. By Hugo.

I am grateful for the hotels because they gave us food and shelter, so that we could sleep and not starve. By Matt.

I’m grateful for Miss Milne for keeping track of all of our belongings: room keys,  medication and for updating the blog and posting all the fascinating information onto it. Thanks Miss Milne! By Mia.

I am grateful for the people at the Yu-Gardens Bizarre because they gave you the power to bargain so it wasn’t so expensive and you could afford it! By Michael.

I’m grateful for having the opportunity to try all the new and different foods that I would probably not get try or taste in Melbourne. By Ayushi.

I’m grateful for being able to fly all this way to Shanghai and seeing the World Financial centre. I loved bargaining at the Yu Gardens. Shanghai was beautiful; it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  By Asha.

I am grateful for one particularly kind and helpful stall holder at the silk markets because he beat everyone else’s price and let us test the products for quality and practicality AKA headphones and speakers. By Hugh

I’m grateful for all of our tour guides for teaching us so much and preparing the entire tour with where to go to and tickets. Our tour guides were: Coco, Cherry and Lee. I have given many thanks to all of them and good luck in the future. By AJ.

I’m grateful for the teachers and students at the Suzhou school because when they were speaking during lessons some of the students tried to explain to us what the teachers were saying with their little English. Also when we were having a snack at the school or lunch, my buddy would always get my food or drink for me so she was very helpful. By Ivy.

I’m grateful for the silk factory and how cool it is showing us how they make the silk and seeing the silk worms do their magic!!! Also getting to feel all of the silk and how smooth it is. By Grace.

I’m grateful for all the students who made this trip so memorable in the way they have all stuck together and helped one another through the challenges. I am also grateful to all the families and friends back home that we will be seeing soon!  By Miss Milne.

To our families in Australia – see you all soon!!!

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  1. Cant’ wait to see you guys. Travel safely and try to get “some” sleep on the plane. Next stop, Tullamarine xx

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