Special Dinner

Last night we left from school and went sightseeing at the lake in Suzhou. Although it was raining, it was still warm and it was great to see the modern side of China. Afterwards we got to meet our good friends, Frank and Kevin, and their families who came to a special dinner at the SIP. We tried lots of different noodle dishes, dumplings and pork buns as well as some other delicacies from southern China. Miss Tao and Kevin made a speech and all of us shared some of the interesting things we had found from our experience at the school in Suzhou. It was a lovely celebration of the friendship between the two schools.







Squirrels on Shantang and Supermarkets

For dinner last night, we wandered up the road to Shantang St, a beautiful street next to an old canal with traditional buildings and lanterns. After a small bit of shopping we went to the famous restaurant Song He Lou and ordered Squirrel Fish. It’s sweet and sour taste was delicious! After dinner we walked back a different way to our hotel and stopped to buy dessert at the local supermarket. While we were finding our ice creams, we got a little distracted by some of the “seafood” in the shop. Apparently toads are considered food in China!



Afternoon Activities

Yesterday in the Art class, we did painting and we made postcards for our families. We also Skyped L6M during Music for them. I really liked art because we got to use special paint brushes – by Mia.

Today at the school in Suzhou we all got to make some special paper cards that they stick on their windows for their New Year celebrations. We all made a fantastic red character meaning “Double Happiness.” Afterwards we listened to a story about the Chinesee Opera Masks and then coloured/painted some of them including the Monkey King. Both activities were very enjoyable and creative – by Holly








Morning Exercises

In the morning all the students in the school came out onto the oval in boy and girl lines. We started by marching to the music. We did all different kinds of dance moves and stretches. Because this was our first time, we copied the person in front, trying to keep in time. After we did some activities like walking on stilts, dribbling the basketball and playing with hula hoops. The we did another warmup exercise to a different song. Afterwards we went back to class – by Grace.

Exercises 1

Exercises 4

Exercises 3

Exercises 2

Lunchtimes at school

So as you know, we have to eat at the school. We had just finished our last session and we were getting ready for lunch and that’s when we realised that we were having rice and beans and a gigantic meatball. Most people enjoyed the meatball and rice, but not the beans. I look forward to food in the school coming up – by Ivy.






Martial Arts

Overall we had an awesome first day at the Suzhou school. One of the highlights was the Martial Arts class…

Martial Arts1

The Martial Arts class was really fun and it was hard work to do it correctly. It was tiring and we did it in the school gym – by Hugo.

Break-time Basketball

At break time we went to play basketball with other students. We had heaps of fun shooting hoops, even though we missed a lot. The game was probably FFA (Free for all) because the students kept changing teams. Hugo, Mic, Hugh and I played on separate teams and Hugh injured his arm a little by landing on it a bit funny – by Matt.

_MG_8684 _MG_8685

School Tour

_MG_8636 IMG_8632

Today at our first day of school, we had a group of Year 5 and 6 students show us around the school. We visited the gym, the computer room and the lecture theatre. It was great of them to show us around because then we knew where things were. The students were great at explaining everything (in English) on the tour. They told us a bit about their school history as well. It was great – by Kate