My Dear Mum

For me, my mum is the nicest person in the world because she always gives me encouragement in learning. And she takes good care of me in life. In learning, she always encourages me warmly. For example, once I didn’t get a good mark in my English exam. I felt very sad. After my mum knew this, she patted me on the shoulder and said to me: “Failure is the mother of success. Come on, my baby!” I felt much better after hearing what she said. In life, she also looks after me well. She always cooks nice food and buys beautiful clothes for me. She always talks about lots of things with me and helps me to improve myself. In my eyes, my mum is the most wonderful and beautiful mother in the world! How happy I am to be her daughter!

My Pet Hamster

I have a cute pet. It’s a little hamster. Now let me introduce him to you.

My little hamster’s name is “Ball”. Why do I call him “Ball”? Can you guess? Yes!You are right! Because he is very fat, just like a ball!

He has big and round eyes, two short ears, a square nose and a small mouth. He has short legs and a small tail,too. For me he is just like a lovely angel. Whenever I have to put him into his cage, I feel very sorry to him and I often say:“What a poor boy!” So I always spend much time playing with him at weekends.

Ball likes nuts very much. So I often give him some nuts to eat. Sometimes I make fun of him. Once I tied the food to a string and hung it into the cage. Ball wanted to get the food, so he stood up but he couldn’t catch the food and he fell down at last. He looked so funny that I couldn’t help laughing happily.

Ball is very clever. I put some cotton into the cage. He tore and made a warm and comfortable bed for himself. Ball is naughty too. One day he threw a lot of food outside the cage when I was not at home. When I came back, I said to him angrily, “What a mess you have made! You are a bad boy!”

Though Ball is sometimes naughty, I love him . I want to be with him forever!

Doing exercise

Some people don’t like doing exercise. They think it’s both boring and retiring. But in my opinion doing exercise is very important. So I often do exercise at school and after school. And I like doing all kinds of exercise,such as riding, swimming and playing ball games.
I think doing exercise has a lot of advantages.
Firstly, it can make us very happy. It can make our life richer and more colorful
Secondly, it is good for our health. It can stop us from getting sick.
Thirdly, it can make us strong. After exercising we children grow fast and we will be tall if we do exercise often enough..
Fourthly, it can help us become outgoing and easygoing . So we can make more friends.
If you also like doing exercise, let’s do exercise together from now on.

My trip to Jinxi

I went to Jinxi on the ninth of February this Spring Festival holiday. It was so beautiful there that I could not stop taking photos. The sky was blue without a cloud. A lot of old grey houses stood still beside a big lake. The water in the lake was quite clean. There were a lot of fish in it. They swam freely and happily in the clear water. There was so much yummy food in the little town. I ate a lot with my parents.

The weather became windy and cloudy in the afternoon. I flew a kite high in the sky. And I visited the Jinxi Museum. It was big with many pictures from all over the world. I was attracted by the pictures from the Qing Dynasty. They were extremely beautiful. And I learned a lot about them.

It was a wonderful day because I played , learned and enjoyed at the same time. I should say I’ve gained a lot of knowledge during this trip.