My Grandpa

My grandpa is a lovely old man. He is a little fat. He has short white hair, big black eyes and a big mouth. He has a big nose too. He always smiles.

He is an engineer. He works very hard when he is at work.

He likes cooking at home. He can cook fish very well. I like it very much. He likes reading stories for me. He likes telling funny jokes, too. He usually goes climbing and flies a kite with me at weekends. So he is very healthy.

My grandpa is so lovely. I love my dear grandpa!

My Hobby Reading

I have many interests and hobbies. Reading is my favourite among them. I enjoy reading books very much. I read books as soon as I finish my homework. In the summer and winter holidays, I usually spend over more than two hours a day reading all kinds of books. I read novels, science fictions, fairy tales, Chinese myths and so on. I often borrow books from the library. I often buy books from bookstores,too.

My friends also like to read books. We always meet together and discuss what to read. They often give me a lot of suggestions on what books to read. Whenever I finish reading a good book.,I want to share it with my friends at once. And I want to write exciting stories by myself in the future. I learn a lot from books. I know a lot after reading.

Reading is really fun!

A heavy snow

On the evening of January 31st, it snowed heavily. And it was the second snow this winter. Outside the window, I saw the snow fall onto the ground from the sky. In a very short time, it was all white everywhere. It was so beautiful.

On the second day, the snow on the ground was very thick. I went out with my friends and made a snowman. The snowman was tall and fat. Its nose was made of a long red carrot. Its eyes were made of two big grapes. And its hat was a small bucket. It was so lovely and funny that everyone laughed when seeing it.

I loved the snow!

My bedroom

My bedroom is quite small, but it is clean and tidy.

There is a small white wooden bed in my bedroom. There is a pink pillow, a pink quilt and a pink sheet on the bed. Because I like pink most. On the bedside table beside the bed there is a lamp and some books. I like to lie on the bed and read my favorite books. There is a small desk and a small chair near the window. On the desk there are many textbooks ,five dictionaries and some stationery. I always put my schoolbag on my chair. On the windowsill there are three lovely teddy bears and a mirror. There is a clock on the wall. Below it there is a picture. There are two cute cats in the picture. One is white, the other is yellow. They are both funny. There is also a bookshelf to the left of the bed. It is filled with all kinds of books.

My bedroom is small but nice. I clean it every day. I like it very much.

My Busy Sunday

Day after day, year after year, everyone is working hard. In order to enter a good school successfully, even children are becoming busier and busier. So am I. At weekends, I must spend a lot of time studying in the training school. Now let me talk about my busy Sunday.

Every Sunday morning I am waken up by my mother. And my busy day starts from then on. After having my breakfast, I rush to the training school. My first lesson is Maths. I spend the whole morning in stydying Maths. During my Maths class, my father goes out to buy lunch for me because I have no time to have lunch at home.

After a quick lunch I must get ready for my English lesson in the afternoon. I like my English teacher Vivien. She is beautiful and she is kind to me. I like learning English and playing English games with my classmates in class. I enjoy my English lessons.

It is getting dark when I leave the training school. I feel quite tired and hungry. But there is still a lot of homework waiting for me.

What a busy day!